The Change of Campus Process

The opportunity to begin at any of our Penn State campuses and complete your degree at another campus provides you with a lot of opportunities to design your own Penn State experience. Planning early in the process is essential for a smooth transition to another campus. Here is a general timeline followed by most students making the transition to another Penn State campus:

First Year Spring:

  • Begin exploring your options for completing your Penn State degree. Gather information about other campuses and see which ones offer your intended major.
  • Identify and work with your assigned academic adviser (found in LionPATH) to explore, clarify and/or change your choice of major.
  • Attend Link UP at University Park -- a one-day visit program for students considering a change of campus. Transportation is provided by your current campus.
  • Review the information provided in our Financial Considerations section to make an informed decision about cost of attendance.

First Summer:

  • Penn State students may take classes at any Penn State campus during the summer -- including World Campus. 

Second Year Fall:

  • Meet with your academic adviser at your current campus to make sure you are making positive academic progress.
  • When you have met the criteria for entrance in to your intended major, submit your Update Academics request in LionPATH.
  • Many campuses offer transition programs to prepare you for the transition. Visit your Student Activities office for more information.
  • Start thinking about where you might want to live. Check out our Deciding Where to Live webpage:
    • Attend the Housing Fair at UP (if considering a change to UP) to learn more about housing options in State College.
    • If you are hoping to live on campus, you should submit a contract for your current campus AND your intended campus via the eLiving website. For additional information on this procedure, visit the Housing Office website.
    • On campus housing is available at: Abington, Altoona, Beaver, Behrend, Berks, Brandywine, Greater Allegheny, Harrisburg, Hazleton, Mont Alto, and Schuylkill. 
    • DO NOT sign an off-campus lease before you have been approved to change campuses. These are legally binding documents.

Second Year Spring:

  • Confirm your desire to change campuses in LionPATH using the Update Campus application.
  • Review the Suggested Academic Plan in the Undergraduate Bulletin for your major at your new campus to schedule appropriate fall courses.
  • Accept your on-campus housing contract for your new campus (if awarded a contract) or finalize off-campus housing.


If you are changing to University Park, your timeline continues from here:

First Semester at University Park:

  • Reach out to your new academic adviser (available in LionPATH) before you arrive to make sure your class schedule is appropriate.
  • Complete items on your Change-of-Campus Tasklist, including making your reservation to attend your Virtual Change-of-Campus Orientation.
  • Participate in Welcome Week activities, including the Change-of-Campus and Transfer Student Welcome, Academic College Welcomes, and Involvement Fair.
  • Stay connected with events designed exclusively for change-of-campus and transfer students.
  • Schedule a meeting with your academic adviser early in the semester to discuss future semester course and co-curricular planning.
  • Attend a Career Fair. Be sure to pack professional attire when you move.


If you are changing to a campus other than University Park, you will want to contact your new campus for information about additional programming available to support you in your transition.

You should direct questions about your individual academic situation to your academic adviser in order to identify specific deadlines for any given year.