To University Park

On behalf of the University Park campus and the Borough of State College, welcome to your community!

Now that you are approved to make the campus change to University Park, there are a few important actions you need to take to ensure a smooth and successful transition.  We have outlined these for you in the Change-of-Campus Tasklist. This list includes a mix of important dates, tasks (actions), and reminders that will help keep you informed on what you need to take care of before you arrive at University Park for the start of the semester. You will access this tasklist in the same system where you will make and/or edit your reservation for your Virtual Change-of-Campus Orientation. Some items on the list will check off for you automatically when a task is completed; others you will need to check off upon completion.

Access your Change-of-Campus Tasklist here! Be sure to reserve your spot for Virtual Change-of-Campus Orientation.

In addition to the Change-of-Campus Tasklist, we've added a few items below that you should take into consideration. Please note that a more comprehensive list of information and action items can be found in your Change-of-Campus Tasklist. 

  • Finalize Your Housing: On or Off-campus: This includes resources for securing a lease or housing contract. (LiveOn Penn State Website)
  • Review the Cost of Your Penn State Education: Resources for assessing your cost and making a plan. (PSU Tuition Calculator)
  • Finalize Your Class Schedule: An important step to do early. Don't wait for your advising appointment. (The Undergraduate Bulletin)
  • Register Your Car or Bike: Instructions on registration requirements for bikes and vehicles being brought to campus. (Transportation Services)
  • Update PSU Alerts: Stay up to date on what's happening on or near the UP campus. (PSUAlert Dashboard)

  • Attend Your Required College Dean’s Meeting: This event is required for all new change of campus students (
  • Buy or Rent Your Books and Supplies: A successful transition depends on early preparation. (Penn State Bookstore)
  • Technology Check: Be sure you have what you need to get connected and complete coursework. (Connect to Tech)

  • Participate in Welcome Week activities: These are designed to help you get acquainted and make some friends!
  • Attend the Involvement Fair: One of the best ways to learn about clubs and organizations at University Park.

  • Schedule Academic Advising: Advisers provide more than just scheduling assistance. Make an effort to discuss your academic and personal goals.
  • Learn about Key University Park Resources: UP has many resources to keep you safe, healthy and engaged. 
  • Participate in the Change-of-Campus Student Advisory Board: The office of Student Orientation and Transition Programs plans change-of-campus programming and initiatives, but we need your voice to make sure we are supporting change-of-campus students in the best way we can. This is your opportunity to make an impact and help other change-of-campus students in their transition. Fill out this online form if you are interested in being on the Change-of-Campus Student Advisory Board.

If you have general questions about the campus change process, you can email us at

If you have specific questions related to your new academic home, you can visit this contact page, and scroll down to the University Park Colleges section.