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Requesting an Early or Temporary Campus Change

For a variety of reasons, you may be interested in changing campuses before the end of your 2nd year, before you complete the entrance to major process, or to temporarily change your campus for one semester (fall or spring). The change of campus process is designed to accommodate requests like these but requires some additional steps to be approved. Here’s what you need to know:

  • requires approval of your home campus AND your requested campus
  • early changes are only considered if you are unable to continue making academic progress at your home campus (some majors require you to request an early change)
  • temporary change of campus may be appropriate for personal, academic, or financial reasons
  • if approved for a temporary change of campus, you’ll automatically return to your home campus the following semester
  • you can enroll at any Penn State campus during the summer after your first year – no change of campus request is required

You will be asked to provide a clear and compelling reason for your request – whether personal, academic, or financial. You should talk with your academic adviser, campus registrar, or a student affairs staff member before submitting your request. Some examples of what information should be included:

  • courses you plan to take at requested campus
  • your intended major and reasons why it has not been updated
  • with whom you have discussed the campus change

Are you considering a semester through the World Campus/online? 

It is important to know that many of the classes at World Campus, like your current campus, have seating limited to students pursuing degrees from the World Campus. Just because a course is listed as offered by World Campus does not mean we can guarantee the course will be available to you. 

Ready to make your request for an early or temporary campus change?

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