To a Commonwealth Campus

Congratulations on finding the Penn State campus that meets your academic and personal goals. Getting approved for this campus change was the first of a series of required tasks (or actions) you must take to ensure a smooth and successful transition to your next Penn State campus. ;

These required tasks are accessible through the Commonwealth Campus Checklist for change of campus students. These tasks are organized by what you should complete before you arrive at your new campus, during arrival, and in the first semester of studies at your new campus.

Click here to download the Commonwealth Campus Checklist.

  • Finalize Your Housing: On or Off-campus (for Residential Campuses Only): Whether you plan to live on or off-campus. There are resources to help you make a decision. 
  • Review the Cost of Your Penn State Education: Resources for assessing your cost and making a plan.
  • Finalize Your Class Schedule: An important step to do early. Don't wait for your advising appointment
  • Register Your Car: All vehicles parked on campus must be registered.
  • Update PSU Alerts: Stay up to date on what's happening on your new campus. (PSUAlert Dashboard)

  • Explore Your Campus: Don't wait until the first day of classes to know your way around.
  • Buy or Rent Your Books and Supplies: Being prepared for classes includes having all supplies before the first day.
  • Technology Check: Do you have the technology you need? We will share some resources for doing a technology check.
  • Learn About Local Transportation: Be sure you know how to get around your campus and the local community.

  • Participate in Welcome activities: These are designed to help you get acquainted and make some friends!
  • Explore Clubs and other Involvement Opportunities: These are the opportunities that make the student experience at Penn State.

  • Schedule Academic Advising: Advisers provide more than assistance with scheduling classes. Make an effort to discuss your academic and personal goals in your next session.
  • Learn about and use campus resources: UP has many resource to keep you safe, healthy, and engaged. 

If you have any questions specific to your new campus you can visit this contact page, and scroll to your campus contact.